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Welcome readers

Welcome new readers!!

I created this blog to help my friends learn how to use their coupons and store sales to make the most of their money. No matter what your budget, with the right knowledge and coupons, you can feed your family delicious and economical meals.

When I come home from the grocery store and show my husband what I have bought (normally 10 bags of groceries for under $50) he asks, "how are you going to make us dinner for a week with what you have?" This is a big question of people who are new at couponing. You Have to stock pile. When salad dressing is free or under .50 cents, buy as many as you will use in a year (if you buy more, donate it). I have moved things around in my basement to create an area where I am able to stock quite a bit of groceries. By doing so, I will never pay full price or even sale price for many items my family uses on a daily or weekly basis. Once you have your stock pile, you will see your savings. I am able to buy my family splurge items with the money I have left over. I used to spend $5-10 on cheese every week for my family of 4. The last few weeks, we were able to use coupons and store sales to get free cheese. I cleaned out my freezer and stock piles as many as I could get. I now have that money freed up to buy fresh produce and other items. It takes about a month to start to really see your efforts pay off, but believe me, they do!!

Also, I would love to hear of any good deals you guys find! Please add comments to the posts so you can let everyone else know how you are doing! Thank you for reading my blog and hopefully I have helped you save a few dollars!

Anonymous said...
July 20, 2009 at 9:02 PM  

you have saved me a lot of time and money. I shop monthly and this is a great site to check to make out my monthly menu. I'm not loving that the grocery game is now printing ads along with the free coupons now. it wastes ink AND paper. do you know any way around that?

Monica said...
July 20, 2009 at 9:20 PM  

I do not use the grocery game because it costs money and I find I can find the same write up on deals on line from blogs such as this one so I am not sure how to go around printing the coupons. The sites I use are, coupons.com, redplum.com, smartsource.com. Those are the big ones. I also like http://www.hotcouponworld.com/index.php for meijer coupons. They have a coupon generator for meijer that will pile all your coupons together so you can print on the same page. They also have it for the Target coupons. It is under the resource tab. afullcup.com is also a good place to look for printable coupons. There are a lot of forums there too that tell you about deals at local stores. They put out the store ads before Sunday as well which is a nice preview. couponmom.com is a lot like the grocery game but free. Hope that answered your question!

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